RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and is a technology used to automate manual and routine tasks on a computer. This can - among many other benefits - free up the user's time, which can then be used for more value-adding tasks.


At IT Kartellet, we are razor-sharp on RPA, and with a proven method, we ensure that your office robots are quickly and safely operational.

  • We use standard templates and frameworks for all automations. Each office robot is not a new, deep plate that needs to be invented, but usually a variant of something we have seen before.

Benefits of RPA

Time savings

By automating trivial, repetitive tasks, a significant amount of time can be saved. This time can then be used by your employees for tasks that cannot be easily automated: idea generation, customer care, and other sales activities.

Increased quality

Office robots are developed specifically to handle large workloads, and to perform the work the same way every single time. This means fewer errors, and it means that when errors do occur, they are also handled in a uniform way every single time.

Happy employees

We experience time and again that office robots are well-received and quickly become a valued colleague, gladly taking on tasks that employees are equally happy to delegate. It's a win-win situation.

Better processes

Many companies have processes that could use an oil change. Therefore, we never approach a task with automation as the only solution, but as just one of many possible ways that can create value for the customer.

Watch the film where Jeppe talks about RPA

IT Kartellet's RPA Experts

Jeppe is our man, when it comes down to Robotic process automation. With many years of experience and a We can do it! attitude, it is no wonder, that Jeppe is one of the Kartels finest members.

Jeppe Dige Jespersen

RPA Manager
+45 41 44 60 68

It's not every day that you'll meet a person with a huge passion for both tattoos AND orderly systems – but that’s exactly the kind of person that Kristoffer is and also, why he fits so well in the Kartel.

Kristoffer Tanghus Sørensen

RPA Konsulent

Marathon man, teacher, CEO - perhaps it is easier to talk about the things, that Henrik can't do. One thing is for sure though: He is a 100% dedicated kartellist!

Henrik Thorn

Managing Director
+45 26 39 78 06

Our Customers Say...

Lindab Sweden

"The collaboration with IT Kartellet lays the foundation for our automation journey; their competencies and holistic view make the process safe and efficient.


Therefore, we consider IT Kartellet an obvious strategic partner in relation to our efficiency processes linked to RPA."

Maciej Labunski
CFO Lindab Sverige AB

Alpi Air & Sea

"We were looking for a collaboration partner who could help us in the 'awkward situations,' and who could ask us the right questions and challenge us on our processes - and IT-Kartellet can do that.


They can speak IT language, finance language, but also just plain Danish, so everyone in the organization feels very secure, which creates a very constructive process.


IT-Kartellet has not built the last robot for us, and we greatly value our collaboration."


Christine Østergård Nielsen
Digital Processing Air & Sea

Lindab Denmark

"The advantage of working with IT-Kartellet is the size. There are few contacts, but a large background with many competencies, which gives a great sense of security.


Another advantage I see is the direct communication. IT-Kartellet is good at being honest if something simply doesn't make sense, because as they say, 'the goal is happy and satisfied customers' and that has worked out really well for us.


The credibility and down-to-earth approach to problem-solving fit very well into our company."


Thomas Axelsen
Digitalization Manager, Lindab Denmark 

UiPath Partner Logo

Being a UiPath Authorized Partner means that we have an official and close partnership with UiPath, which has been proclaimed the leading platform for Robotic Process Automation for several years.


The partnership gives us access to resources, tools, and support from UiPath if we need it to implement and deliver RPA solutions to our customers.


However, it also places demands on us; among other things, it is required that our consultants are certified in UiPath's products, which we are - at the highest level!