About us

We are genuine tech enthusiasts – you know, the cool kind who actually know their craft!

We believe that success follows well-being, and therefore we emphasize our interpersonal relationships and create good vibes in the office and in the projects. First and foremost, we are humans, and our goal is to live up to our employees' dream jobs and create opportunities and projects where they can shine – which ultimately benefits our lovely customers!


Although the principles of software development haven't changed, the ways of working have. That's why we've created a razor-sharp cartel, gathering the elite in the field. We find it natural to explore and refine our techniques, so we can keep up in the fast-paced industry.




Happy Clients


Years in business

Who is IT Kartellet?

IT Kartellet was started out of the ambition that we should be the absolute best and transform the way IT projects were done in Denmark, actually, the whole world. There was probably some youthful arrogance in the ambitions and the belief in ourselves, but the fundamental attitude that we wanted to be the best is still deeply ingrained in our DNA.


In reality, we actually do the same as many other software companies; we develop software solutions in close collaboration with our customers, where we listen to their wishes and requirements to together find the best solution both technically and economically. But beyond that, we dare to take ownership and develop products with life and soul, as if they were our own – and herein lies the difference.


Henrik tells


Our manifesto is a description of the core attitudes we hold as a company; what we believe in, find community in, and thus work towards every day. The manifesto is not perfect or final but is, like us, under constant development.


But we are so much more

We are part of the KOLLAB conglomerate, and together we stand back to back delivering world-class digital solutions. At KOLLAB, we gather the most skilled team of digital specialists. In fact, we dare to say that we can deliver solutions 360 degrees around your business.

KOLLAB consists of individual companies, and besides us, there are specialists in every field, each with their specialty within strategy, software development, Microsoft solutions, operations, and support. You no longer need to juggle between different suppliers or worry about coordination - we take care of it all, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Meet our Team

We are fearless digital craftsmen who thrive in the informal, simple, and positive. We collaborate with our customers to create valuable changes. First and foremost, however, we are people, which is why we're just as passionate about your hobbies and passions.


Many of us have worked together for many years – and we hope and aim to continue working together for many more years. We apologize if our humor becomes a bit too internal – we just love having fun together!