Henrik Thorn

Henrik Thorn

Managing Director
+45 26 39 78 06

Marathon man, teacher, CEO - perhaps it is easier to talk about the things, that Henrik can't do. One thing is for sure though: He is a 100% dedicated kartellist!

With a background in Computer Science and Business Economics, Henrik was amongst the original group of youngsters, who aspired to their dreams and formed what became to be known as It Kartellet back in 2009. A lot has happened since, but Henrik stayed true all the way and has been at the head of IT Kartellet since 2014.

He is a super inspiring person, who always has a fresh perspective on things. Perhaps his biggest asset is, that he can communicate his feedback without the bossiness of a CEO and more like how your best friend would tell you about something.

When he is not in a meeting, he is probably walking his cute dog or out shopping some obscure port wine.

3 (fun) facts about Henrik

  • On purpose I have a name, which can be spoken in the English language - although I'm part of a British family
  • I was supposed to swim from Europe to Asia, but the race got cancelled
  • I once fell asleep during an adventure-race, while biking, and crashed into some bushes.

What is my biggest internet achievement?

I've shot a picture which has been shown more than two million times.