Kristoffer Tanghus Sørensen

Kristoffer Tanghus Sørensen

RPA Konsulent

It's not every day that you'll meet a person with a huge passion for both tattoos AND orderly systems – but that’s exactly the kind of person that Kristoffer is and also, why he fits so well in the Kartel.

With a background from a position as Business Specialist at HAVI Logistics, Kristoffer is our man, when it comes to RPA development. He is a mastermind in RPA/UiPath and he knows his way around in power bi. Together with Jeppe, he’ll represent IT Kartellet in our Aarhusian office, so get ready for some RPA, that will get under your skin!

3 (fun) facts about Kristoffer

  • My wife and I got married 6 months after we met each other.
  • Once, I almost got my hand torn off when I was climbing over a fence to retrieve a football. I thought the gate was locked, but later found out it was just stuck :-)

What is my biggest internet achievement?

Once, I optimized the reporting process for multiple clients by 92% using only Excel when I worked in a finance department.