Jeppe Dige Jespersen

Jeppe Dige Jespersen

RPA Manager
+45 41 44 60 68

Jeppe is our man, when it comes down to Robotic process automation. With many years of experience and a We can do it! attitude, it is no wonder, that Jeppe is one of the Kartels finest members.

Located in Aalborg, he may be further from the HQ than most others, but he is definitly always close to our hearts. He brings the typical jutlandish calm and self-confidence to the table and combined with a great, polite sense of humor, he brightens our every day - even across the sea!

3 (fun) facts about Jeppe

  • I once wrote a joke for a speech that the Danish Prime Minister was giving at the White House. President Obama laughed.
  • I broke both my wrists trying to impress a girl by jumping backwards over a snowbank on inline skates. It worked - we've been together for over 30 years so far.

What is my biggest internet achievement?

I helped a acquaintance sell a house that had been on the market for many months by offering a reward on social media to the person who found a buyer. The post went viral, and the house was sold in three days.