Hi there, and thank you for your interest in our positions. We hope that you will find your dream job here – and if not, we actually hope that you will find your dream job somewhere else. Our belief is that you should only work here if we can offer you your dream job.


This might sound a bit arrogant and dismissive, but in reality, it's just our belief that everyone deserves to work somewhere they love, where they continuously develop, where they are rewarded according to their skills, and where there's room for their life outside of work. At the same time, we love working with highly motivated people who thrive and have fun – and thus feel that they go to work to get better!


In the end, we also believe that our customers choose us for that very reason. If we have the best and happiest colleagues in the industry, who wouldn't want to work with us?

At the Kartel we value

Riveting Development


Cozyness and tolerance


Experimenting and curiosity


Be critical

Therefore, when you read the positions, we hope you keep an open mind, but remember that the most important thing you can say is no. Say no if you have read our manifesto and don't feel that you fit in. Say no if you read about our services and think we are hopelessly behind, or if you read about our profiles and think we have a bad sense of humor – then say no. We believe in long-term collaborations with both our colleagues and our customers, which is why it's important that we can get along for many years. It should start with a crush and not a doubt!


Conversely, if you believe that we are just the place for you, then we have tried to create an easy process where we don't spend a lot of time on formalities. Therefore, call the person listed in the ad, after which we'll set up a short intro meeting where we can get a feel for each other. If there's a match, we'll move directly to an interview with a technical test, and then we can look at the formalities!

Hvad venter du på?

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