Lindab, a leading company in ventilation in Europe, was looking for a partner to revive their automation project. IT Kartellet was ready for the task with process optimization and automation using UiPath for the development of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The goals of the project were to increase job satisfaction while removing manual data entry tasks across divisions.


In collaboration with project managers at Lindlab, IT Kartellet could identify processes that were suitable for automation. "We chose one very simple process and one that was more advanced. Both showed great potential for scaling at a later stage, but we wanted to build a solid foundation first," says RPA Lead for IT Kartellet, Jeppe Jespersen.


When the first automation was launched, hours of tedious work were saved from the first week, and the quality also improved significantly. The scope of work for this automation rapidly expanded and saves hours of work on a daily basis already.

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Automation, Partnership, and Efficiency

We started by automating two processes – a simple one and a more advanced one. This created a solid foundation for future scalability, and proved the business case model that had been established for selection. The results of the automation were clear already in the first week after launch, where hours of tedious work were saved, and data quality significantly increased.


Our collaboration with Lindab has become the foundation for their work with RPA, which, with a holistic approach, has made the automation process both safe and efficient. As CFO for Lindab Sverige AB, Maciej Labunski, pointed out, IT Kartellet is now a strategic partner that supports their goals for process improvements using RPA.

"The collaboration with IT Kartellet forms the basis for our robotization journey; their competence and holistic view make the process safe and efficient. We therefore consider IT Kartellet an obvious strategic partner in relation to our efforts for process improvement using RPA."

CFO for Lindab Sverige AB, Maciej Labunski

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Jeppe is our man, when it comes down to Robotic process automation. With many years of experience and a We can do it! attitude, it is no wonder, that Jeppe is one of the Kartels finest members.

Jeppe Dige Jespersen

RPA Manager
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It's not every day that you'll meet a person with a huge passion for both tattoos AND orderly systems – but that’s exactly the kind of person that Kristoffer is and also, why he fits so well in the Kartel.

Kristoffer Tanghus Sørensen

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