Lasse Skytte Knudsen

Lasse Skytte Knudsen

+45 40 37 90 82

A real Pioneer within IT: When Lasse started his career, the internet was just about happening and he probably invented most of it himself.

Highly skilled through experience, we feel very lucky to have him on board. As the CTO of the Kartel, he makes sure that the processes keep on processing, administrates the day-to-day operations and in between also takes on new customers. Lasse is an all-around team player and perhaps he picked up a thing or two about managing a wild bunch from his time off work when coaching a handball team.

3 (fun) facts about Lasse

  • Not your classic IT guy - I am a tea lover, no coffee for me.
  • I am all for Apple, they are beautiful.
  • After work, I am coaching a youth handball team

What is my biggest internet achievement?

I already used the internet before Al Gore invented it.