Bjarke Laustsen

Bjarke Laustsen

Senior Developer
+45 26 33 45 65

Bjarke is an IT ninja: Silent, fast and a force to be reconned with.

Passionate about his work, clean coding and hot coffee, he is our secret weapon in the quest of conquering the digital world. Bjarke has both a heart for retro technology and always an eye out for new trends in the industry. It is impossible not to like this emphatic, pleasant man - except that time when he almost killed all the plants at the office with the coffee grounds from his endless cups of coffee!

3 (fun) facts about Bjarke

  • Coffee is coder fuel (10+ cups a day, plz)
  • A smoke a day keeps the doctor away
  • Commodore 64 is life

What is my biggest internet achievement?

Refrained from looking at memes for 1 week straight one time.