System Integrations

Seamless system integrations stand as the backbone of efficient and effective operations for businesses. At IT Kartellet, we excel in orchestrating the complex dance of integrating disparate systems, ensuring they work in harmony to support your business objectives. Our expertise spans across connecting front-end applications with data stores, integrating ERP systems like Navision into your internal frameworks, and developing custom middleware to bridge any gaps in your IT infrastructure.

Our Approach

  • Custom Integration Solutions: Tailored strategies to connect, manage, and optimize your systems for improved data flow and operational efficiency.
  • ERP and CRM Integrations: Seamless integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, like Navision, into your business processes.
  • Front-end to Back-end Connectivity: Connecting front-end applications (like websites and mobile apps) with back-end data stores through REST APIs, ensuring smooth data exchange.
  • Middleware Development: Crafting middleware solutions in Node.js, PHP, and other technologies to act as a liaison between your systems, facilitating complex data processes and transactions.
  • Batch and Real-time Data Processing: Implementing solutions for both real-time data transfers and batch operations, optimizing for performance and scalability.

Why Choose IT Kartellet for System Integrations?

Proven Expertise

From the cross-university system for Digital Examination to the integration of Navision with, our portfolio showcases our ability to tackle integrations of any scale and complexity.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond integration, we offer full lifecycle support, including maintenance and optimization of the integrated systems.

Innovative Solutions

Our work with Novasol, connecting AS400 mainframes with modern web technologies, and developing eCommerce solutions integrated with Elastic Search, exemplifies our innovative approach to solving integration challenges.

Focus on User Experience

Our integrations not only focus on the technical aspects but also aim to enhance the overall user experience, as demonstrated in our projects with DJØF Publishing and the Danish Pigeon Racing Associations.

Vores succes historier

  • Digital Eksamensmodul Udviklet et tillægsmodul til et tværuniversitetssystem, der letter digitale eksamener.
  • Implementeret sitet i Drupal 8 med Navision-integration og udviklet en front-end applikation ved hjælp af Angular, forbundet gennem REST API.
  • Novasol Integration: Forbundet AS400 mainframe til en Drupal-hjemmeside, hvilket muliggør effektiv dataoverførsel for hus- og prisinformation.
  • E-handels- og udgivelsesløsninger Udviklet omfattende e-handelsløsninger med dybe integrationer i ERP-systemer og specialiserede udgivelsessystemer, der forbedrer operationel effektivitet og kundeoplevelse.

Wondering if we could help you?

At IT Kartellet, we understand that system integrations are more than just technical projects; they are strategic initiatives that can significantly impact your business outcomes. With our deep expertise and a proven track record, we are your ideal partner in navigating the complexities of system integrations, ensuring your systems work together seamlessly to drive your business forward. Let us help you create a connected and efficient digital ecosystem tailored to your unique needs.

Just reach out, and we can in collaboration find ways to improve the interaction between your systems.