Stephen Adu

Stephen Adu

Front-end Developer

Stephen really has it all: First one in the office, gentleman, polite to everyone and always going the extra mile for customers, projects and colleagues.


The kartel got its hands on his talent through our partners at Hack your future, where Stephen studied as a Full Stack developer before he joined us as an intern. It quickly became crystal clear though, that both his skills and his calm & positive attitude towards problem solving would fit right in with the rest of us. No brainer we hired him on the spot and never looked back.


Also, thanks to Stephen we got one man closer to establishing a football team, that actually knows how to play! 

3 (fun) facts about Stephen

  • I enjoy playing games in my spare time and I can play board games or fifa all night. Win or loose.

What is my biggest internet achievement?

I was in the news for heroically saving a summer house from burning down in my first year in Denmark with a garden hose and no shoes before the firemen came in and I still stayed true to my course by continuing with the garden hose even when they arrived.