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Robotic process automation

Imagine being able to improve quality of work whilst at the same time improving efficiency of manual processes. RPA is the technology which will make both possible, without the cost of building an expensive integration between constantly changing systems.

RPA is an easy and straightforward way to create robots, who can take over some of the more cumbersome tasks in your organizations daily work.


The robots are coming is a phrase often heard. We don’t believe that robots will take over our work. Rather we should see them as the needed companion, who can assist every one of us in our more repetitive daily tasks.


We’ve chosen to work with UiPath as our framework of creating robots, due to their easygoing approach that offers everyone an easy way of getting started with RPA. Furthermore, they have an extensive products suite that supports all products leading up to developing a robot.

What can RPA do for me?

Improve quality of work for repetitive tasks by automating them and improving the process behind each step.  


Create integrations lightning fast without having to think about APIs, interfaces and SLAs.


Free resources from your employees and start working around the clock, with a technical employee who does not sleep or go to meetings.


Scale your organization with new digital workers at the speed of light. Need more hands? Click-click-click, and there you go….

  • UI Path Studio

    The developers dream where the robot comes to life. This is the pace where developers through a no-code environment creates the robots and define their functionality

  • Orchestrator

    This is the heart and soul of UiPath where you’ll get and overview of all your running robots and how they are doing.

  • AI Center

    Set your robots alive and make them able to make decisions based on the data presented before them. With AI the robot can read documents and act on the content shown to them – they’ll even learn from the content and perform the tasks presented to them better and better for each day they work. 

  • Automation Hub

    Turn the idea generation around and start collecting ideas from your entire organization. Automation Hub from UiPath allows you to collect and handle ideas for new robots through screen capture and easy ways of documenting the specifications for the new robot. Furthermore, the products allows your employees to vote for which robots that should come to life.


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Learn more about RPA (Robotic Process Automation)  - what we also just call digital assistants or office robots. 

When we say RPA, we mean moving data and integrating systems to eliminate manual records and workflows - in short, powering your processes. 

Join our webinar on 18 January for an introduction to automation with RPA technology. 

We will cover, among other things

- What is automation

- How do I know if automation is right for my business

- A bit about the technologies 

- How can I as a company get started

- Which workflows can be automated

The webinar will focus on concrete examples and demos that show how we can strengthen the business with RPA. This will be done with UiPath as the underlying technology. 


Target audience

The webinar is aimed at managers, decision makers and others with an interest in optimising and streamlining workflows. 

Participation does not require any technical knowledge - but a good dose of curiosity is recommended. 

Participation is free and you  can sign up here.



Then you are very welcome to contact IT Kartellet

  • Jeppe Dige Jespersen, RPA LEAD,

  • Hanne Breddam, CCO, 42 75 19 44,
IT-Kartellet-case: Lindab

IT-Kartellet helps Lindab Sverige AB automate tedious processes

For Lindab Sverige AB finding the right partner to re-launch their automation initiative was crucial. Lindab needed a partner with a proven track-record of automating enterprises using a scalable and reliable software platform.


First, succes. Second, scale.

In cooporation with process owners inside Lindab, IT Kartellets consultants identified processes that were well suited for automation.

"We picked one very simple process, and one that was more advanced. Both showed great potential for scaling at a later stage, but we wanted to build a solid foundation first”, says RPA Lead for IT Kartellet, Jeppe Jespersen.

As the first automation was launched, hours of tedious work was saved from the first week, and quality improved markedly as well. The scope of work for this automation rapidly multiplied and saves hours of work on a daily basis already.

CFO for Lindab Sverige AB, Maciej Labunski, elaborates:


“The collaboration with IT Kartellet forms the basis for our robotization journey; their competence and holistic view make the process safe and efficient. We therefore consider IT Kartellet as an obvious strategic partner in relation to our process improvement efforts using RPA


About Lindab
Lindab is one of Europe’s leading ventilation companies, offering solutions for energy-efficient ventilation and a healthy indoor climate. Lindab is a publicly traded company employing in excess of 5000 people throughout the Nordic countries and across Europe.


About IT-Kartellet

We are fearless digital craftspeople, who believe in informal, simple, and positive co-creation that impacts our clients. IT Kartellets RPA cluster employs only highly skilled, highly certified and highly experienced consultants, and has quickly become a respected player in the nordic RPA consulatancy space.

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