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IT-Kartellet-case: Wintra

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"It was important for us to find a partner who had a strong sense of professionalism. And even stronger values."

Wintra helps the Nordic region's largest companies to optimize the returns of the company's internal systems. The business has grown rapidly in a short time - so fast that Wintra was faced with having to say no to tasks - or ask customers to wait. The collaboration with IT-Kartellet gives Wintra the opportunity to develop the success of its customers.

Dalia Siwan, Head of Delivery and Partner at Wintra, says:

“We were in a situation where we needed extra resources to be able to carry out the tasks that our customers need to solve. We had to say no to tasks or could only start a new task when ongoing tasks were solved, so we needed a partner. It was important for us to find a partner who had strong professionalism and even stronger values. We thought we could do that with IT-Kartellet, as we already had good knowledge of the management through our network.” 

Wintra's solutions ensure that companies' employees have the necessary business knowledge. Today, intranets and knowledge sharing are growing exponentially, and information is drowning easily - with the risk that employees will completely stop using the systems. With Wintra's analysis tool, companies gain insight and overview, so that systems provide optimal value. 


We are more flexible concerning our customers - and the projects meet deadlines.


Dalia Siwan continues:

"IT-Kartellet is our partner in all major development tasks that we solve for our customers.
We make sure that specifications match customers' needs, as well as the architecture of the solutions – and IT-Kartellet solves the task. We have 2 full-time resources that are part of our daily work and the ability to scale up when needed. IT-Kartellet focuses on creating results and we have an effective collaboration - our projects meet deadlines, and we have much greater flexibility towards customers.
I would definitely recommend IT-Kartellet to others. It is a company with good people behind it, where professionalism is a high priority."


This is what  IT-Kartellet has done for Wintra

In collaboration with Wintra, IT-Kartellet handles all aspects of Wintra's technological development from database design to system functions. Wintra's platform is based on: C #, ASP.NET MVC, MySQL and MSSQL, HTML5, JQUERY, ANGULAR JS.


About Wintra

Wintra is a specialized consulting and software company that works with measuring and managing intranets for some of the country's largest companies. Wintra's product: WPI (Web Performance Indicator) collects and processes large amounts of traffic and metadata(1) on a daily basis, which provides analysis and reporting to managers and users of the intranet.


About IT-Kartellet

We are fearless digital craftspeople, who believe in informal, simple, and positive co-creation that impacts our clients.

  1. Metadata: is data that describes other data metadata

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Henrik Thorn
Managing Director

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