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We'll blog about everything tech related, from our own experiences with working with various applications, to projects we are proud of and also philosophical topics. Give it a read and get smarter!

15/12 2022

Robotic Process Automation

Learn more about RPA (Robotic Process Automation)  - what we also just call digital assistants or office robots. 

When we say RPA, we mean moving data and integrating systems to eliminate manual records and workflows - in short, powering your processes. 

Join our webinar on 18 January for an introduction to automation with RPA technology. 

We will cover, among other things

- What is automation

- How do I know if automation is right for my business

- A bit about the technologies 

- How can I as a company get started

- Which workflows can be automated

IoT kan og skal redde verden
11/03 2022

Internet Of Things, Advanced Data Analytics

IoT kan og skal redde verden

Næsten 30 procent af EU’s samlede CO2-emissioner stammer fra transportsektoren – og her tegner vejtransporten alene sig for omkring 72 procent. Et voldsomt højt tal vil nogle nok mene.


Men prøv bare at køre en tur ned gennem Europa og tæl antallet af privatbiler samt lastvogne med og uden anhænger på vejene. Anette Schrøder Mikkelsen og Anders Kofod-Petersen, der er ekspert i henholdsvis advanced data analytics (ADA) og IoT hos IT Kartellet har kigget transportbranchen efter i sømmene og set på, hvordan ny teknologi som for eksempel ADA og IoT kan løse nogle af branchens udfordringer.

IT-Kartellet-case: Lindab
15/02 2022

Robotic Process Automation

IT-Kartellet helps Lindab Sverige AB automate tedious processes

For Lindab Sverige AB finding the right partner to re-launch their automation initiative was crucial. Lindab needed a partner with a proven track-record of automating enterprises using a scalable and reliable software platform.


First, succes. Second, scale.

IT-Kartellet case: Humac
30/08 2021

User Experience & User Interface

by Henrik Thorn

7 min

Wanted: IT-Craftsmen

When you create a new website, the fancy design on the surface must be matched by equally advanced features underneath. When Humac recently updated their website, they didn’t just focus on design. They also implemented new functionalities to save time and make life easier for customers – and their employees.


IT-Kartellet and HackYourFuture join forces
30/08 2021

User Experience & User Interface

IT-Kartellet and HackYourFuture join forces

HackYourFuture is a not-for-profit organisation that helps people with limited access to educational opportunities and the labour market. HackYourFuture is a coding school that provides IT-education to refugees, asylum seekers and other disadvantaged groups. All teachers at HackYourFuture works for free and the economic foundation of the organisation is both based on donations from businesses like IT-Kartellet and from social funds.

08/06 2021

User Experience & User Interface


1 min

Do you want to create better user experiences and more efficient digital solutions? 

We encourage you to attend our next webinar and hear how you can use UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) techniques to create more user-friendly, valuable solutions and an efficient development process.

We will inspire you to rethink your processes like a UX designer, with several case examples. 


IT-Kartellet case: Brevdueforeningen
28/04 2021


Since the mid-90s, our consultant Jakob Bo Larsen has developed and maintained a small program suite for the Danish Homing Pigeon Associations.

The programs were originally developed in Visual Basic 6 with an MS Access database. With the advent of new technologies, however, Internet functionality and SMS service have also been made available via MySQL and PHP.


IT-Kartellet case: CBS
28/04 2021


by Henrik Thorn

7 min

"IT-Kartellet? The keyword is agility. They are building an airplane - while we are in the air. "

Every year, CBS educates over 21,000 students who follow 7,500 courses and are taught by 600 teachers. The learning management system must match the young people's IT habits, offer digital exams and handle all administration in a huge educational institution. IT-Kartellet has made this happen, in close collaboration with CBS’s own IT department.


Martin Tong is Program Manager for Study and Learning and Project Manager for Digital Exams in the IT department at CBS. He tells:

IT-Kartellet-case: Saxo Bank
28/04 2021


"They are fearless, they get things done – and they help realize our visions."

At Saxo Bank, Moodle e-learning is used for courses for employees and customers. More than 1,700 employees completed courses in trading and Saxo Bank’s system, for the internal training alone. IT-Kartellet has helped develop the platform to meet Saxo Bank’s vision of a captivating, modern, and effective learning environment.

IT-Kartellet-case: Wintra
28/04 2021


by Henrik Thorn

10 min

"It was important for us to find a partner who had a strong sense of professionalism. And even stronger values."

Wintra helps the Nordic region's largest companies to optimize the returns of the company's internal systems. The business has grown rapidly in a short time - so fast that Wintra was faced with having to say no to tasks - or ask customers to wait. The collaboration with IT-Kartellet gives Wintra the opportunity to develop the success of its customers.

Dalia Siwan, Head of Delivery and Partner at Wintra, says:

27/04 2021

by Adam Vongrej

1 min

Take advantage of gamification in your business from a game developer’s perspective


See your business from a game developer's point of view and reach the next level of digitalisation.

Our next webinar will focus on showing you how you can use game technology to train and educate your staff and customers, transform your processes and become more digital.

We will inspire you to rethink the way you handle daily processes like a game developer, with several case examples.

The Smartphone: Everything that is wrong with this world in one device.
09/03 2021

User Experience & User Interface

When the first iPhone saw the light of day more than a decade ago, it fundamentally changed both the media landscape, as well as human behavior itself. Genesis: The era of smartphones had begun. Almost 15 years in, it is time to draw some conclusions.


The idea is good, but…

Perhaps the title of this blog is a giant spoiler in itself, if not, here is one: Smartphones are crap! Bear with me to find out why.

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