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IT-Kartellet case: Humac

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Wanted: IT-Craftsmen

When you create a new website, the fancy design on the surface must be matched by equally advanced features underneath. When Humac recently updated their website, they didn’t just focus on design. They also implemented new functionalities to save time and make life easier for customers – and their employees.


“As a representative for Apple, we know that design and user-friendliness are just as important as functionality. And as premium reseller we have certain standards we need to follow. We planned on adding new functionalities but quickly realized that we needed rather advanced programming skills. Our stores and our customers depend on the website’s existing functionalities, so the site is very important to our business. Humac’s website is meant to drive customers into the stores, but we’ll still like to have functionalities on the web that make life easier for our customers – and for us as well. To make our website work the way we want, we needed help from some real IT-craftsmen. This is where IT-Kartellet came into the picture,” says Max Frost, Operations & Project Manager at Humac A/S.


A new hope

Humac needed the website to support features like click-n-collect for the stores, a claim-system for student refunds and a buy-back-grading-system for estimating the value of used products. “Recently we switched from Sitecore to Drupal and a new update from version 7 to version 8 was causing some problems. In the past, one employee was managing the website as the sole responsible. The employee had been doing a great job but, of course, in his own way. This meant that IT-Kartellet had to dig into his programming and understand his way of coding. Not an easy task to take over. But mission accomplished – we were impressed.

Furthermore, some new solutions were added. For instance, automation of the claim system. Normally, Humac handles the claim-system manually. But once a year at the beginning of the academic year, when Humac runs their student campaign, the claim-system becomes a fulltime job for 4-5 employees. Previously, Humac used to hire student workers to cope with the extra workload during the campaign. But outside the campaign period it’s still more than a part time job and Humac do not have the resources to cover it effectively. IT-Kartellet managed to automate the claim-system and it goes without saying that this means a lot of time saved for Humac’s employees.


Automation is key

Some HR-functions have been automated as well. For instance, onboarding new employees. “It means a great advantage for us. Not only do we have fewer errors, but we also save a lot of time. And when it comes to security, it’s much easier to observe compliance with GDPR. We are very happy with the cooperation with IT-Kartellet. We want only one provider that can take us all the way. And IT-Kartellet is a great match for us. They have shown extraordinary IT-skills and they really understand our business,” Max Frost says.

Written by

Henrik Thorn
Managing Director

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