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IT-Kartellet and HackYourFuture join forces

IT-Kartellet and HackYourFuture join forces

HackYourFuture is a not-for-profit organisation that helps people with limited access to educational opportunities and the labour market. HackYourFuture is a coding school that provides IT-education to refugees, asylum seekers and other disadvantaged groups. All teachers at HackYourFuture works for free and the economic foundation of the organisation is both based on donations from businesses like IT-Kartellet and from social funds.

IT-Kartellet has entered into a partnership with HackYourFuture not only by donating money but also by hiring their graduates. “We want to hire people from HackYourFuture, because we know that the skills they acquire at HackYourFuture match our needs and that they’ll be a great support to our organisation. Furthermore, we value the diversity that people with different cultural, national and educational backgrounds brings to our community. There is a general tendency in IT-companies like IT-Kartellet to attract mostly young Danish men. Then the tone can become a bit one-sided in terms of gender, which may deter new female employees,” says Jesper Hjorth, Project Lead at IT-Kartellet.

“At IT-Kartellet, we see this kind of partnership as a great way of growing our organisation and we are looking forward to seeing many more candidates from HackYourFuture,” says Jesper Hjorth.

About 50 percent of the students in HackYourFuture’s classes are women. “When we select among the applicants, we try to get a mix of both men and women. But mainly we want to compose our classes with the candidates who are most likely to get a job afterwards. We look at their ability to learn, their motivation and the skills they already possess. Apparently, we are doing this with success because 80 percent of our candidates find relevant jobs within the IT sector after the 8-month program at HackYourFuture. The hardest thing about getting a job in a foreign country is often soft skills, like being great at interviews, writing a catchy application or a good CV. That is why we focus a lot on these things while also focusing on the IT-skills.

When the students leave HackYourFuture after the 8-month program, we have established an alumni-program so we can still follow the students and they can share their experiences with new students. We support alumni by connecting them with companies and working together with them in improving their soft skills. We offer mock interview and CV review and they help us back reviewing homework, or in classes contributing with their experience as former students and as web developer professionals which improves both their communication and dev skills and we also go beyond web development and offer master classes and organize events so that both our enrolled student and alumni broad their knowledge,” says Daniel Pastor Fernandes, Partnership Manager.


Written by

Adam Vongrej
Web Tech Lead

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